Churches in Woodstock Ga

Churches in Woodstock Ga

The church is constantly on the get based on society. An argument can be achieved against this concept, but never won.

Men in Ministry, look at the church in Acts, the church as handed to all of us by Jesus with the Holy Spirit. It really is defined the following within this book rather than designed to change.

 We are told to hold back to get the strength of the Holy Spirit. The disciples waited for 10 days unified, praying together inside a room for the Holy Spirit. We have to agree that unity and prayer brings the effectiveness of the Holy Spirit.

 The church's first move would have been to testify for the public what Jesus tried. The ability in the Holy Spirit is vast as evidenced first inside a simple but bold message, which led to 3,000 people accepting Jesus and being baptized.

 They devoted themselves to the Apostles' teaching and also to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and prayer. They held all things in common. They studied the Bible; they shared all their experiences; they ate together and they prayed.

 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who were built with a need.

 Every day they continued to satisfy together. They ate in every other's homes. These were glad together sincere hearts, praising God. They handled the needy they met with sincerity. They didn't lie to each other-no gossip, either-and they were cheerful. They praised God. God added to their number daily. (The church grew every day.)

 God performed miracles through them enough time. They used the miracles to bluntly testify in the passion for the Lord and more were put into their number. When was the final time your touch healed someone?

 After they prayed, where these folks were meeting was shaken. These folks were full of the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.They Prayed and were refilled with the Holy Spirit. Just when was the past time the floor shook within a church prayer meeting?

 The apostles continued to testify.

 God's grace was so powerfully at work included, there were no needy persons included in this. God provided for every need. There is a great deal purity, sin didn't have any place, to the point that after Ananias and his awesome wife lied, they died. Sin cannot live in the presence of God! Fear seized the entire church. Will the fear of god exist in the church today?

 The Apostles continued to heal every day.

 When the disciples worshipped inside the colonnade, who else would enter.

 The apostles appointed men in the complaining faction to provide the people while they dedicated to testifying and preaching the phrase. If you find an excuse for ministry work, the congregation should intensify to complete the task. How's this doing work in the church today?

So what is the elephant in the room? The church has slowly lost its effectiveness since it has slowly stopped doing exactly what it was designed to do: Read the Word, Praise God, Pray, Fellowship, Evangelize, maintain your needy, meet continually in homes and the gathering place, and tithe.

Men in Ministry, the church looks like society: are you able to make a person lying with a pastor and dropping dead? Why doesn't that occur? Is there a great deal sin within the church that one more sin does not make a difference? Has the Gospel been diluted? Our acceptance of your watered down Gospel and sin in the church is supporting the slow decline with the church. The amount of people actually pray and focus the Bible everyday?

Churches Woodstock Ga

Should you put the frog in water and warm it slowly, the frog will like himself swimming and splashing until it's cooked.

It isn't too late. II Chronicles 7:14, "If my people, who're called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn using their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and i also will forgive their sin and can heal their land."

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